Monday, May 11, 2015

My Reflection Post

    This 20 Time project has brought on so much work for me, but good work. All in all, I feel that this project for me was a success. I really dedicated myself to learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. It took some time though. In order to create or break a habit you must do that certain thing for 3 straight weeks. Creating that habit was the toughest part. I went  about the whole first semester without staying true to my project. I would go strong with working out for a week, but then I would get lazy the next week and go to the gym only two or three times. Same with my nutrition, I would eat extremely healthy for one day, then the next day I would pig out.

    Getting into the habit was hard. Around the beginning of the second semester though I finally created the habit, the habit of living a healthy lifestyle. I am really proud of myself for creating a nutrition plan for myself and for really being dedicated to going to the gym. I was involved in a lot of school activities this year so some weeks were very inconsistent, but the good thing about that was that I actually would MISS going to the gym! I would hate not being able to go.

   Because of the habits I have made I have decided that this is going to be my main focus this summer. And the thing is, Im really excited about it! I WANT to do this, I don't feel as if it is a chore anymore.

    Even though I may not have achieved the physique goals I intended on making, I achieved an even greater goal being that I have made a habit of being healthy. And that really excites me. I started watching a ton of fitness youtubers and their vlogs really helped me. I loved watching these guys having fun at the gym. I like how that is where they are happy and how they just want to achieve a healthy life.

    As I am writing this blog I decided I am going to change my topic of my speech for the TedX audition, it's going to be about "Habits." I think that is what perfectly embodies the idea of my project, making habits. I have learned so much from this project. Some people just gave up or didn't get much out of it, but I am happy to say that this project has affected my life in a positive way. Time to take on the summer!

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