Saturday, March 21, 2015

A New Lifestyle: Blog Post #10

    A lot has gone on the past 2 weeks! But first, I want to address something. Many people have been coming up to me and asking, "What exactly is your project?" or "What is the goal in your project?" So as you know, my project is improving my health and fitness. Now that is a little broad so let me explain a little better. I have been following a strict (with exceptions because of extracurriculars) training and eating schedule. I have cleaned up my diet immensely. It's unbelievable how different I eat compared to the beginning of the year. Its just so hard to explain what exactly my project is other than saying I am changing my lifestyle. Now the goal, there have been little goals here and there but the reason why there isn't a huge goal is because I am going to be continuing everything I have been doing even after this year. Especially this summer. Half the reason I am to sailing is so that I can dedicate my time to getting stronger and healthier. But there have been some goals here and there like the 8k I just recently ran and how I want to lower my cholesterol by May. So I hope that cleared some things up for people.

    So the 8k, it as great! I ran it in about 47 minutes without stopping! I was so happy after because I have never done something like that. So that was last weekend, this past week has been  complete grind. I worked out every day intensely leaving myself sorer and sorer every single day. I've hit so many personal records in my strength training. The progress that I am seeing is great! Makes me want to keep on going. Eating has been good. I don't even crave junk food anymore which is really interesting. So one of my friends (a freshmen) has started training with me and he is fairly new to lifting. It has been fun showing him everything and teaching him form and how he needs to perfect form before upping the weight. We plan on training together this summer.

     So thats the update on everything! The next two weeks I may not be working out as intensely because the musical rehearsals are starting to get really busy, but I will try my best. Can't wait to see what progress I will see in the next 2 weeks!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blog Post #9

     So it has been 2 weeks since I have blogged and there honestly is not as much to share as there was in the last blog post. So over the past 2 weeks I have been training for the 8k (nothing new). I can  do 4 miles straight with out stopping but could hit 4.5 miles if I really tried. So by Thursday I have to have the 5 miles down pat! The race is this Saturday too. I am a little nervous to be honest...I have never been a good runner so I hope this turns out well!
     My eating is going really well. I have been eating my healthy meals that I make on Sunday and I haven't been eating crap! Lent is also helping this case. This weekend was my hour competition, and even with the traveling I stuck to my nutrition and brought meals in a cooler. I did have pizza the last night, but I had to celebrate because of our victory. And you also can't deprive yourself of those unhealthy foods. That's what I have learned, its not about dieting, its about moderation.
     Can't wait to see how this 8k turns out and I'm excited to blog about it!