Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Post #7

    As you may know from my last post, I started a new "split" and it is going really well. I am going onto my third week of it and I have stuck to my diet the majority of the time (except weekends). I kind of realized something, most people eat healthy so they can be "skinny" and "thin" but they really don't realize the true benefits from eating healthy. After doing some research on different foods and their benefits, I realized that there are so many foods that benefit your brain, and your heart more than trying to shed off the extra tummy fat. I believe that eating for your heart is the most important way to eat. The reason why it is the most important way to eat is because eating for your heart keeps you alive much longer and is a better way to eat than just starving yourself to look good. With the way I have been eating I have noticed that my face has been looking much better. Before this split my acne was definitely coming out (also due to stress), but my face is almost completely clear! I love seeing these little things with my project.

     Even though I had to skip a few days of working out  because of choir, my achievements in working out are tremendous! I have noticed so many improvements since the beginning of the year strength wise. That is always motivating.

   Soon lent is coming up and I have made the decision to go vegetarian, but with one exception, I will still be eating chicken because it is my best source of protein. But the only time I can eat chicken is at lunch. Im excited to explore the different meals I can create with being a vegetarian. Plus it will really help lower my cholesterol levels.

   So everything so far is going well! Im ready to take on the next few busy weeks ahead!

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