Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Semester, New Split: Blog Post #6

     The past 2 weeks I have seen so much progress physically! I have made a huge improvement in benching, being able to max out with 145 lbs. My Squatting has also improved tremendously, I haven't moved the weight too much but my form is really improving, so soon I will up the weight more than I have lately. These are the two main exercises where I have seen a great improvement in. There are several other exercises where I have seen improvement too but I am not going to name all of them. In conclusion, physically I have seen improvements that are very motivating to keep moving forward.

     In other news, my brother and I are signed up to run the 8k in Chicago for St. Patrick's Day. Today marked the beginning of my training for that race. This is a 5 mile race which makes me very nervous, but with training it will be a piece of cake. Today I started my training out with running 1.75 miles with out stopping. I will be running 4 days a week and each week I will be increasing the distance. I have about 2 months till the race so I do have a small time crunch (for not being a runner).

   With the new semester comes a new split. This "Split" (diet and workout schedule) began today and will last to May 25th. This split is basically going to the end of this project right in time to start writing my speech. I had a "come to jesus" moment when planning this out. I realized that I only have one semester left for this, so I am determined to work harder than I have previously. Because I have cheated with my nutrition, but there is no time for that. I have made goals that I will achieve by may 25th. These two goals include: body fat % down to 15% and Cholesterol at a normal level. With my new split I am increasing my protein intake and weeding out any type of sweets. In the morning I will be having a protein shake with either oatmeal or eggs. My lunches will be made for the entire week and they will be consisting of: chicken, rice, broccoli or rice and salmon. I will be switching off with those meals so I don't get sick of them. Im really excited for this because I am thinking of this as the last chance. Plus I have things to train for so I need to stick to it!

  I'm starting to get really excited for the upcoming weeks and this new split. Choir is about to get very very busy so my working out might be inconsistent, but I am really getting my nutrition together. Can't wait to see more improvements!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog Post #5

     So it has been about a month since my last blog post and a lot of planning and thinking has happened throughout that time! Over Christmas break I was unfortunately sick so I did not workout as much as I was planning, but I was able to really plan a lot of stuff out. And I also realized that I am going to have to add another aspect to my project, and that will be "Time Management and Commitment."

     Over the holidays I had a very tough decision and that was whether to do the musical or not. I took part in the musical last year and it was a blast, but it was the busiest I have ever been in my life. For a solid month I wouldn't get home from school until 9pm. So this year I really contemplated whether I would do it or not solely because of this project and how much time I have to put into his project. With thinking, my Mom really stressed a certain idea on me. She said that yes this project is mainly about changing my health, but it can also be made into showing everyone that I can still do this project even with the crazy schedule that I have, with the simple idea of time management. So I  am taking the challenge and will be participating in the musical with the intention of really learning how I can make this work.

    I have to be honest, this project isn't necessarily physically hard, but mentally difficult. And it's been incredibly hard to stick to my healthy nutrition. And at many points I have not and that really mentally stresses me out. It is SO difficult for me to come home and not snack on the crappy foods. And it also mentally stresses me out when I can't go to the gym because of the things I have going on after school. This makes it incredibly difficult to keep my weekly goals going because there are some weeks where I can't workout at all because of my after school activities. So my problem here is consistency. And consistency is key with this project. I feel as if I'm not going to be able to do anything at all once the musical rehearsals kick in, but I'm going to make it work. I HAVE to make it work.

   Last week I made a shift for what I eat for lunch. I started making lunches with more protein, such as chicken. And my breakfast's have been either eggs and veggies, yogurt with walnuts, or simply a power bar. And dinner is whatever my mom makes! My meals are really healthy and very good BUT its the snacking that is killing me. That's really going to have to be an obstacle I will have to conquer during the next few weeks.

   All I can say is that I'm still incredibly motivated because I am noticing many physical improvements. I am also just very motivated to keep on going. Even though there have been many faults in the road I'm still ready to keep on going. This may not make sense to some people, but honestly, failure is the key to success.