Sunday, December 7, 2014

Staying Motivated: Blog Post #4

     I am finishing up the 4th week of my 20 Time project and couldn't be busier than I am right now! Trying to manage choir, school AND fitness is starting to really stress me out because I feel as if I am failing myself whenever I miss a workout or eat a cookie. I probably should be a lot easier on myself, but it is definitely hard to do that.
    Last week I had choir every single day so I had to miss a few workouts, but I kept up my healthy nutrition, but of course with a few exceptions every once in a while! I am learning that it is not healthy to deprive yourself, but it is healthy to eat in moderation. So having those treats every once in a while, but making sure its not a daily thing.
   In a few days is my picture day and tomorrow will be my bi-weekly check up on weight and body fat %! So I will be taking a picture waist up to compare from a month ago and tomorrow I will be measuring my weight and my BF% and compare it to my last check up. I have been noticing differences in my strength and physique, so I am excited to compare everything now from the  beginning of this project. Noticing improvements is the best motivation one can get. Seeking motivation from someone else can only work for so long, but you are your only true motivator.  

   So I emailed Christian Guzman, this fitness youtuber, and am still waiting for a response. I talked about him in my previous blog. In a recent tweet of his, he said that his email isn't working so that may be why he is taking a while to respond to my email. But hopefully he will. I basically asked for advice and how he does it (and by it I mean by everything: motivation, time and consistency). So I am still waiting on that. Other than that, I am moving onto the next week and will try to learn from any mistakes that I have so far made! I think that is mainly what it is all about.

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